Markets (DG Markets) Group is an international online financial services provider based in Hong Kong.

Provide global investors and financial institutions with trading and clearing of global financial derivative products including currency pairs, precious metals, energy, stock indexes and so on.

DaGuanStar Markets (DG Markets) Group is regulated by St. Vincent and the Grenadines (FSA) of the Commonwealth. We abide by the strict regulations of the FSA, strictly separate the company's funds from customers, and serve the global market with the highest quality requirements

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Our Advantage

Very competitive spreads

Whether it is foreign exchange, indices, commodities or CFDs, DG Markets is always committed to providing an ultra-low spread environment

FSA Regulation

DG Markets) Group is regulated by the Commonwealth Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (FSA), supervision number: 25731

Customer funds security

Adhere to the strict regulations of FSA, strictly separate the company's funds from customers, and serve the global market with the highest quality requirements

Advanced intelligent trading platform

With years of technology accumulation, we are constantly seeking to provide innovative technical solutions, fast and high-quality quotes and transparent execution policies

Fast execution

Choosing DG Markets enables you to leverage our institutional relationships and streamline your infrastructure to maximize transaction efficiency

24/5 customer service

Professional multilingual customer service team 24/5 at any time to provide you with one-on-one high-quality personalized service

DaGuanStar Markets(DG Markets)

With years of technology accumulation, we constantly seek to provide innovative technical solutions, fast and high-quality quotations and transparent implementation policies. DaGuanStar Markets trading solution integrates excellent spreads, continuous streaming liquidity and instant trade execution capabilities.

When you trade with us

When you trade with us, we will connect you to our well-known global investment banks and brokers to directly obtain the institutional pricing and liquidity of a variety of trading products around the world. DaGuanStar Markets technology bridges the gap between trading and technology, enabling you to leverage our institutional relationships and streamline infrastructure to maximize trading efficiency

We provide ultra-low transaction costs and the latest speed

Provide you with a high-quality trading environment to help traders get the perfect experience in the financial market. DaGuanStar Markets has conducted extensive global cooperation in fund security, fintech R & D and service support. Its main partners are BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan Chase, CMC Group, Goldman Sachs Group, Russia's Midak Group, Chicago CRSP, Braintree Group and other global well-known companies

DaGuanStar Markets (DG Markets) Group is customer-oriented. The trading platform has personalized trading customization functions. The professional team's daily market analysis and in-depth research provide each customer with the most timely quotes and the fastest execution. We can provide Experienced people provide a wealth of services, but also make it easy for beginners. DaGuanStar Markets relies on a pragmatic development concept, abides by supervision, operates with integrity, fully respects local culture and customs, and provides services in compliance with regulations.It has provided a wide range of financial services to many countries and regions around the world. stand by.

— DG Markets

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Trading financial markets can also be simple. With a strong service team, whether you are a novice or a professional investor, DG Markets will provide you with excellent professional investment services.


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